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by Julie R. on 2020-06-16

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Tina is fabulous as expected!!!

by Karen J. on 2020-06-09

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This is my 2nd time training with Tina. She is skilled in arranging the workout sessions with lots of variations. She is thorough as she coaches movement and form. Her enthusiasm encourages me to work hard to complete the challenges.

by Anne Marie P. on 2020-06-09

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First off, I only gave 4 stars because there is nothing like one on one training! Tina’s group training is amazing! I was skeptical at first but decided that working out on my own during quarantine was getting extremely irregular and less frequent. I’m just not motivated on my own and I definitely do not challenge myself when there is no accountability. Tina is a true professional, with a watchful eye on form. I feel extremely challenged while continuing to build a pyramid of strength. Although the group training embodies people of all different physical capabilities, Tina is a professional in her knowledge and her modifications are done without interruption and continues the advancement of the session. The exercises are diverse and if feel the progression of my strength has two fold since the beginning of training. The camaraderie between us has been a mental boost and the accountability and laughter pushes me to that place that my mind refuses to go alone.