About me

Hey there! Some of you are new to my site and I wanted to tell ya a lil about myself. 

II got into fitness super late…age 42.  Before that I was a Wall Street trader, jewelry designer business owner.  💍

I’ve been active all my life, but never played team sports or competed in anything. At age 42, I went through some unplanned life changes like divorce and the post financial crisis economy.  Both of these unforeseen events hit my jewelry stores hard and steered me to new directions in my life. 

During that crappy time, I turned to working out as my dependable constant.  Note, I did not know what I was doing, I was just going to the gym. 

I tooled around on the elliptical, used machines machines and took classes.  I started asking lots of questions in class.  I was curious how to do things properly and why we do some things. 

So, at age 42, I signed up for a personal training course for self development & personal learning.  I loved it!  It was all new stuff for me.  That class set me off working at Equinox as a personal trainer.  From there, I immersed myself into kettlebells, barbells and all the tools that build muscles. 💪🏼

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to help other middle aged and newbie to fitness women feel the confidence I feel when I take care of my body and my strength.  If you’re still reading this, I am so excited to do this with you!

Wanna connect?

If you got any questions or just wanna say "hey", I would love to meet ya!