Jenn C , Age 48
Sharing her experiences remote training with me.

3 min video watch time

Amanda S, Age 31
Talking about her experience remote training with me.

Hope L.
Sharing her experiences (from Hong Kong) remote training with me.

Amy B., Age 51
Goal: Get Stronger, Make Muscles

Amy is a very active woman who plays tennis weekly, goes to spin class religiously. She hates strength training and cannot get herself to do it on her own. Since working together, she's gotten stronger for her tennis game and sculpted muscles. At midlife, women need to make muscles to support the inevitability of aging bones. Amy knew this and is dedicated to meeting me 2x a week to lift weights.

Laura L., Age 52
Goal: Get regular in fitness

Laura and I have been working together since 2017. She was not working out when we first met. Her job as Executive Editor of a business magazine keeps her hours long. It was hard for her to get motivated to go to a class or the gym. Since we started, she is able to do push ups. She's also been honing her kettlebell skills, which was something she chose as a new skill.

Lauren W. , Age 34
Goal: Learn a pull up

Lauren is a personal trainer and fitness model. She was 34 when she started training. One of her main goals was to do a pull-up. When we started, she wasn't able to do one. It was important for her to learn for her fitness model contracts. We achieved her goal within 2 months of training.

Patricia W., Age 35
Goal: Get fit post partum

Patricia just had her second child and was finally getting back into the gym. She and I worked together to get her back to pre pregnancy fitness. She was in her mid 30's when we trained together.

Alessia A, Age 32
Sharing her experience in my remote small group training